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Academic Events

The society runs a series of academic talks and workshops. These have recently involved seminars on how to choose stocks and how to use excel and typically range from discussions of financial topics to hands on workshops learning both financial topics and necessary soft skills.

Socials & Networking

LUIFS is one of the largest LUMS societies and frequently collaborates with university societies to engage in socials. This facilitates the mixing of our members with other societies and allows for networking opportunities with various societies for our members.

Career and Employability

As LUIFS have various connections and are building an international network of collaborators we provide various insights into the financial industry coupled with seminars from employers and alumni in the financial industry to help you gain insight into the financial sector, enhance your resume and have something to talk about in interview.

Events for Students

Exposure to the finance industry.

Our members benefit from many exceptional events, including the City Careers Weekend, where members are able to gain insight from City professionals. Members can also take part in our society’s Investment Fund to gain real world experience and have video conferences with professionals from the City.

Solutions for Sponsors

Attract enthusiasts to your firm.

A prime way to get in touch and engage with students that are highly enthusiastic and interested in your field. Our members are passionate and you can help nurture their aspirations of working with/for you.


Lancaster University Ghosal Investment Fund

An idependent student run fund aiming to give students the opportunity to have first-hand experience of equity investments and to gain exposure to real-life situations related to the buy side of financial services.

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We provide women with financial insights, bespoke events and workshops with leading professionals and career opportunities through our partner institutions to create the foundations of a successful career. Join our mailing list to get exclusive access to these opportunities!

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