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We are finance enthusiasts

Meet the Executive team

We develop strategies, organise events, invite speakers, build investment portfolio, run campaigns, and offer mentor support — all to inspire fellow students.

Fund Manager |

Louis Grocott

Fund Manager |
James Jaison

James Jaison

President |
VP Events |

Maka Indorbaeva

VP Events |
IT Exec |

Hajad Barre

IT Exec |

Sally Cheung

Sponsorship Exec |

Shacind Ananthan

Marketing Exec |

Camille Powell

Marketing exec |

Mohammed Ben-Rashed

Communications exec |
Events Exec |

Valentin Bourgoin

Events Exec |

Mikayla Coll

Communications Exec |

Our Activities

We run a wide range of activities throughout the academic year

Career and Employability

With our connections in the industry, we regularly invite employers to give talks on what students should focus on while applying to these top firms.

Social & Networking events

Although one of the biggest societies in LUMS, we often collaborate with other societies to pull of larger events thereby giving our members the chance to network with students in other societies.

Peer Mentoring

Experienced students in the society offer peer mentoring support and work with first year students to help them with their academics and experience outside of lectures.

Insight trips

We have previously organised trips to the offices of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and plan on continuing to do so with other top employers to give students an insight into what it is like to work for these firms.

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