Vice Fund Manager of Ghosal Investment Fund Benjamin Forgacs and President of LUIFSJames Jaison will be holding a workshop on Microsoft Teams on How to Pick a Stock: Equity Fundamental Analysis next Monday, on July 20th at 3 PM UK Time.

The workshop will start giving you a basic understanding of what to consider when selecting a stock for value investing. Then, it will cover how to look at financial statements and distinguish the pointers of a good company from those of a bad one. Then, we will move onto more advanced ‘Key Metric Ratios’ that can help spot red flags as well as identify drivers of growth of a company. Finally, it will bring all these ideas together to help screen assets from across the world. 

To Join the Teams Meeting on July 20th 2020, 3:00 PM UK Time use the link:

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

We look forward to having many of our members attending the session!

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